What can I expect to pay?
This table below is a basic guideline of the cost associated with recovering or making upholstered items. Excludes the cost of foam as this will be inspected when item is received.  Please use only as a guideline, contact us for a quote. The fabric required is an estimate and the price is calculated with a general fabric cost of R200 per meter.

Do we make furniture?
We only custom make basic ottomans and headboards but not furniture frames.

Do we restore furniture?
Yes we can restore the upholstery but only paint or spray the wooden frame/feet we do not repair wood.

Do you have examples?
We post some of our work on our Facebook page just before it goes out to clients you can have visit our page HERE.

Do you modify furniture?
We do not modify furniture. (For example we don't make a 2 seater couch into a 3 seater.)

How long does it take?
Smaller jobs 3-4 weeks, larger jobs 4-6 weeks

Can I bring my own fabric and foam?
We make use of high quality upholstery foam, so do not make use of foam supplied by clients to ensure correct density and quality is used.

Will you come to my house?
We are happy to come out but but send a estimated quote to give clients a guideline of price and fabric quantities before we do.